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Most Marvellous Murder and Mystery

September 23, 2008

Historical Mysteries

The mystery genre is a popular field with many differing styles and sub-genres.   The library has acquired some new authors, whose mysteries are set in historical settings.

Jason Goodwin:  Goodwin’s novels have been described by the New York Times as “The perfect escapist mystery”.  Set in 1830’s Istanbul, the novels follow the investigations of Yashim a eunuch in the service of the Sultan. So far there are three titles in the series, The Janissary Tree which won an Edgar Award, The Snake Stone and The Bellini Card.

Boris Akunin:  A Russian author whose works are translated by Andrew Bromfield.  Akunin has two series the first features Erast Fandorin a 19th-century Russian detective, whilst the other series features Sister Pelagia a nun in 19th-century Russia.  Akunin is very popular in Russia and we are looking forward to more of his novels being translated.

C. S Harris: Featuring Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin and set in Regency England, Harris is new to the field with two novel’s What Angels Fear and When Gods Die.  Described as “Like Georgette Heyer but darker and more dangerous” Kirkus.

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