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Reviewing the Reviewer

November 27, 2008


Sci Fi Guy

Down the left side of this blog are a number of links. There are links to author websites, author blogs, review websites and other type sites. Today we are going to look at one of those review sites, hence Reviewing the Reviewer.

With most community reviewers, the author will have a particular passion, in this case Science Fiction, Fantasy or Paranormal books or publications.  The Sci Fi Guy aka Doug Knipe has been collecting and reading in this genre for many a year, in fact in one post he shows pictures of his extensive library, which led to myself turning a nice shade of green J.

His reviews are well written, and give links to the Authors website, and list other works by the author. He also highlights and discusses cover art for the genre and movie adaption’s.  One thing I found  interesting are the book trailers he uploads. Advertising for books on the TV has not taken off here to any great extent and it is fascinating to see what appears in the American market.

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