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Guest review: Knickers: an intimate re-appraisal / Rosemary Hawthorn

March 3, 2009


Knickers: an intimate re-appraisal / Rosemary Hawthorn


What a wonderful romp of a book, or should that be romper?  Rosemary Hawthorn is considered the Queen of undies and rightly so.  This is a lovely short history of underthings, from corsets to edible undies, Rosemary has collected and written the history of them all.  This is the sort of book that you insist on reading aloud to people whether they are interested or not.  Did you know for example that before 1800 no respectable woman wore knickers?  That crotchless knickers were the norm until modern times?  Or that you can now buy padded organic cycling undies…. The mind boggles.


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