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April 30, 2009

“Well Poo To You,” Says – Who?

Urban equestrians in Tararua townships are getting the bum’s rush – or at least their horses are.

It seems that local residents are unimpressed with the quantity of horse poo being dumped on roads and footpaths and are sending “a spate of complaints” to the council’s environmental health officer Derek Batchelor on the (faecal) matter.

So what to do?

Pooper scoopers are the obvious answer and Mr Batchelor emphasises that anyone wishing to exercise their dogs or horses within the town limits must carry a sturdy plastic bag and a small trowel or hearth shovel.

That’s easy for ‘doggy do’s’.

But feel pity for those astride who could find themselves leaping to and from the saddle in the capture of each spread out dollop – unless their mount obligingly created a pile.

A footman trudging behind the behind is one solution.

And there’s always the garden. Poo’s free.

For further information please contact:

Derek Batchelor

Manager Environmental Health

Telephone: 06 374 4080

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