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Woodville World Wide: Global Village signpost Official Opening

August 11, 2009


The town of Woodville in the Tararua district is one of many Woodvilles  around the world. Twenty two in fact, have been ‘discovered’, many of them of a similar size to Woodville, Tararua. A signpost pointing the way to Woodvilles in Australia, the USA, Canada, England, Ireland and Zimababwe has been installed beside the Tararua i-SITE Visitor Centre.

Dubbed ‘www – Woodville World Wide’, the project was devised and funded by Woodville Districts’ Vision Inc. The initiative embodies the Global Village concept foreseen by the Canadian writer and philosopher Marshall McLuhan in the 1960’s. The term Global Village has become a metaphor to describe the internet and the world wide web, and how the world has ‘shrunk’ by modern communication technology ultimately linking everyone in the world.

The project is designed to encourage links between Woodvilles world wide on several levels such as interactive school programmes and community organisation and information sharing. McLuhan wrote that for the world to be a global village we all share thoughts, resources and other things needed for a successful village. In the future those links may lead perhaps to holiday home exchange and farming exchange scholarships.

The Woodville World Wide project follows on from the recent successful launch of

The official opening of the Woodville Global signpost will take place on Wednesday 12th August at 12.30pm. Special international guest and Woodville’s most recent resident, Mr Helmut Hirler of Germany will launch the project. Mr Hirler, an internationally acclaimed photographer, has arrived in Woodville to join his artist partner Sally Maguire who together, plan to open a fine arts and photography gallery.

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