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Another Ebook Reader Enters the Fray

August 26, 2009

I just want to see them here! They keep being mentioned in our press, but none seem to be for sale in good old Kiwi land.

HaberSony’s new e-book goes wireless [Source Stuff]

“Sony has unveiled its first wireless electronic reader, a move to challenge’s momentum in the growing digital book market.

At US$399 (about NZ$580), the “Daily Edition,” features a 7-inch touch screen, and an aluminium body, and will go on sale in the US in December. US telco AT&T will provide its 3G wireless internet service.

There is no release date or price set yet for Sony’s e-readers in New Zealand.

After a year of headlines dominated by Amazon’s Kindle reader, Sony has taken the offensive, with the wireless model joining previously announced lower-priced units.

It’s unclear which consumers prefer. Amazon does not provide sales figures. In January, Sony disclosed that it had sold 400,000 readers.

Sony previously introduced the “Pocket Edition” for US$199 and the “Touch Edition” for US$299. But Kindle has generated the lion’s share of buzz, even though its 2007 introduction came a year later than Sony’s first reader.

Sony and Amazon, the two largest players, are vying to establish a toehold in a market that they believe will become a profit driver as more consumers enjoy books, magazines, newspapers and other media on the book-sized tablets.

While some users have raved about convenience of digital readers, especially while travelling, analysts say the devices will remain a cachet item until prices come down.”

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