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New Road User Rules

September 11, 2009

CaptureWhether you drive, ride, cycle or walk in New Zealand, changes to the ‘Road User Rule’ will affect you from 1 November 2009.

The most high-profile change is the ban on the use of hand-held mobile phones while driving.

While driving, a driver may use a mobile phone to make, receive or end a phone call only if they do not have to hold or manipulate the phone in doing so (so voice activated etc). Or – provided the mobile phone is securely mounted to the vehicle – if the driver manipulates the phone infrequently and briefly.

However, drivers must not create, send, or read a text message or use a mobile phone in any other way.

There are 23 other amendments to the Road User Rule which include:

  • riders of mopeds and motorcycles must switch their headlamps on during daylight hours, unless manufactured before 1 January 1980
  • when a driver has to cross a special vehicle lane to turn left or get to a parking space, they must now do so in the minimum length of the lane necessary but no more than 50 metres.

Further information (and Q&As) about the amendments can be accessed via New Zealand Transport Agency or by calling the NZ Transport Agency on Freephone 0800 699 000.


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