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The Winning Dr Seuss Poems

November 3, 2010

In celebration of the Dr Seuss exhibition in Woodville, we held a poetry completion where we challenged you to write a poem in the style of Dr Suess. Well here are the winning entries.

Dixie Cook


Dixie Cook was a cook.

Dixie Cook was a rook.

Dixie Cook was a rook who could cook.

Dixie Cook cooked for the King.

Thrice every day the King would ring

A bell for his favourite snack.

Herb-sprinkled, sun-dried, smoked lamb rack.

He ate it for breakfast, for dinner and tea.

In the morning, at night, whenever, really.

At last Dixie Cook made a decision.

“Lamb rack, O King, is bad for your vision.

Why not eat something different instead?”

The King was having breakfast in bed.

He threw back the bedclothes.

“Certainly, Cook! You are a very intelligent rook.

Make a new dish in time for my dinner!”

Dixie set to work. It had to be a winner.

She mixed up a pie made of beef and cheese.

Lettuce and breadcrumbs and lemon and peas.

The King ate the pie. He let out a sneeze.

“Dixie Cook! This won’t do! Disgusting! Please

Cook something different without any cheese.”

Dixie Cook mixed a soup, with vegetables and meat.

She tasted it. It was tangy and sweet.

The King sipped the soup. His face went green.

“Horrible! Awful! Disgusting! How mean!

You meant to poison your King and your Queen!

Guards, take Dixie away! You’ll stay in prison

For a year and a day!”

Poor Dixie. In prison, she thought very hard,

Then sent the King an apology card.

The King sent one back to Dixie Cook,

It read, “To Criminal Rook Dixie Cook,

You’ll be freed if you can do as I say.

You have a whole year and one day.

Think of a dish that I would like.

Call it Super Extreme Delight.

Cook it and send it to me,

And I will eat it for afternoon tea.

Dixie Cook was a brilliant rook,

So she thought for a year, very hard,

Then sent the King the dish and a card.

The King ate the dish, “Fantastic!” he cried.

“It’s super! It’s brilliant! It can’t be denied!

Guards, release Dixie Cook. She’s a very clever rook!”

He rewarded her with a golden crown.

She became the Head Cook in the town.

Many years later, the King still likes

Eating the Super Extreme Delight.

But once when he rang for his favourite snack –

“If you don’t mind, can I have some lamb rack?”


Bethany Reitsma

Winner 7 – 12


You and Me


If you were a book

And I was a writer

In my book I’d do anything to provide ya.

I may not be perfect

But definitely lucky

I swear to God it feels like lightning’s struck me.

I’m not much of a writer

But you’re an inspiration

It’s hard to take my breath

But for you it’s easy to take it.

They say love is like a flower

But it starts with a seed

So let’s plant it in the earth

For you and me.



Grace Pomare

Winner 13 – 17


Mud, Stress and Mum


Oh for the Mums who worry about dirt

Oh for the kids, dirt never hurt.


Dirt is such fun

Such fun on the run.


Mud under foot

Must ask to be stood

Oh, by boots on the feet

Of kids on the beat.


Kids who love to stomp

Love to stomp, love to tromp

Kids must run and jump

And leap and bump

Land with a thump.


And you land in a puddle

You can end in a muddle

And find that what was once in

Is now out and about.


And the joy to be had

And the fun to be found

When once what was in

Is now all over the ground.


The dirt that was down

Is now all over your crown

What was once clean and bright

Is now all over left and right.


Never was dirt such a worry

Or a fuss

When all that you need is

A jolly good wash.


At the end of the day

The fun never ends

And it will always drive

Mum around the bend!


Norelle Ward

Winner 18 & over


Congratulations to all 🙂


  1. Norelle permalink

    Thanks for the fun! I sat in the Artmosphere studio surrounded by all the wonderous Seuss works and wrote my poem! am amazed that it was picked as first prize! Thank you!


    • 🙂 It’s all good. Thank you for entering


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