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The Not So Last Harry Potter

November 19, 2010

The last Harry Potter book reaches the big screen this week, but it’s not the last Harry Potter movie. I have to confess to being unimpressed by the choice of splitting the last book into two movies. It seems like a blatant revenue grab for me, as well as I can’t really see a logical spot to stop the first move! So anyway here is one of the many articles being written, and a trailer…

Daniel Radcliffe: A muggle from now on By Des Sampson [New Zealand Herald]

Hollywood is littered with child stars who went off the rails – or kid wonders who never fulfilled their promise.

So Daniel Radcliffe, now saying goodbye to Harry Potter in Deathly Hallows, a spectacular two-part finale, it must be your turn next…

“Yeah, so far I’ve managed to do quite well, without it screwing my life up,” laughs Radcliffe, “Partly it’s because being in Potter has constrained me from doing certain types of things. But it’s also partly my own genuine cowardice that’s held me back. It’s like the other day I considered going ice-skating and then I thought; ‘No, what if I fall on the ground, someone skates over my hand and they chop my fingers off?’ That would be dreadful!”

Radcliffe’s response suggests why he and his co-stars haven’t made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

“If I was constantly falling out of clubs, I wouldn’t do myself any favours,” he says. “If I’d done that while I was on Harry Potter the headline would be ‘Potter kid goes nuts’ and if I do it now, after Potter, the headline will be ‘End of Harry Potter too much to bear for Radcliffe.’

“Unfortunately, there’s going to be that level of attention on all of us for the foreseeable future so we have to be careful,” cautions Radcliffe.

“If you get a reputation for drinking, doing drugs or just being unreliable it can affect your career much quicker now, because of the internet, than it used to.”

“I can honestly say that one of the biggest achievements about Harry Potter is that all of the kids are still so well-adjusted,” adds producer David Heyman.

“If anyone had ended up damaged as a result of this, then that would have been too high a price to pay. But, thankfully, Emma, Rupert and Dan have all emerged unscathed as bright, humble and decent adults.”

Their only act of rebellion – so far – has been Watson symbolically cropping her hair short, post-Potter, and Radcliffe threatening to get a tattoo.


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