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Resolution hell !

January 2, 2011

Making New Year resolutions is fun, but oh so depressing if you fail to keep them – and let’s face it, most of us do.

Author Sarah Kate Lynch has the right idea. She only makes resolutions that she’s already partially completed, or already does!  That way, you start the year on a positive note.  I love it!

 Is your usual resolution is to “lose weight, or get fit” … not because you really want to, but because you need to for health reasons?  If you’re like me, you always fizzle out … nope, it doesn’t take much of a pothole to bump me off the fitness-wagon!  So this year I’ve decided to resolve to “improve my health”  instead, so every little lifestyle change I make will make me feel good about myself, even if I only ultimately lose 2kg.

If you need a little further inspiration, check these links:

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Tararua District Library wishes all our wonderful clients all the best for 2012.  And good luck with your resolutions!  (by Natalie)



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