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‘The Brave’ by Nicholas Evans

January 13, 2011

Nicholas Evans wonderful book The Horse Whisperer sold 15 million copies worldwide, and he’s written a few more bestsellers since then.

His latest effort is about Tommy Bedford, who is a lonely English boy having a hard time at boarding school in the 1950’s. His only escape is his imaginary conversations with cowboy heroes of TV westerns. Alongside this storyline is the modern-day Tommy, all grown up and struggling to accept the person he’s turned into, and the effect this may have had on his son.

The story is gripping, if a little uneven at times – which is understandable, considering that half way through writing it, Nicholas and his family became seriously ill from dining on deadly mushrooms, and Nicholas now relies on regular dialysis until he can get a kidney transplant. This incident caused him to re-write parts of the book – you’ll have to read it to see if this brush with death improved his style.

-adapted from review by Sarah-Kate Lynch


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