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Christchurch earthquake

February 23, 2011

I’m sure I speak for many residents of Tararua when I say that our thoughts are with our countrymen in Christchurch right now, as they cope with the devastating 6.3 earthquake that occurred yesterday afternoon.  We extend our sympathy and prayers to everyone affected by this disaster.

The CTV building before and after

Watching the news brought feelings of great sadness, horror and frustration. As news trickled through of the magnitude of the disaster, many of us felt so useless …  as doctors, nurses, search & rescue, firemen, police, armed forces,  engineers and others rush to help, all we can do is try to support them as best we can.

We can be thankful for some small blessings, such as that over 400 Australian doctors were visiting the city at the time; that a contingent of army were at Lyttleton on their way to Timaru; that so many made it out of collapsed buildings alive, even after many hours.

If, like me, you meant to update your earthquake kit after Sept 4 2010, but you didn’t get around to it, then don’t delay any longer. If you’re not sure what to include, visit the civil defence website. Civil defense be prepared

Each branch of Tararua District Library is collecting money for the Christchurch Mayoral Fund.

This is probably going to be New Zealand’s greatest natural disaster since the Napier earthquake of 1931, which was magnitude 7.8 and 256 people died. Our earthquake books


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