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Book review “Baa baa smart sheep” by Mark & Rowan Sommerset

April 8, 2011

Finalist in the NZ Post Children’s Book Awards.

Reviewed by Darren Russell.

In film and movie terms, this junior picture book would be considered a one joke wonder, but that is why it works so well.  The illustrations are simple and the language is catchy;  the characters are believable with a somewhat devious and bored hero (on maybe anti hero), a gullible victim for his mischief and a bit of ‘poo’ humour, which is always a hit with children. 

This book will appeal on many levels to children and adults alike. It is ideal to be read aloud and enjoyed by a group, or a class waiting to be entertained by their teacher, or while snuggled up just before bedtime, or even by the odd librarian with a moment of free time…

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