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Got any old letters?

April 28, 2011

What can you contribute?

Immigrant letters or diaries from Australia and New Zealand during the period 1788-1851 are being sought. 

Australian company, Alexander Street Press, are targeting previously unpublished, unique material.  They are particularly interested in transcribed or rekeyed material, but would consider all formats. What can you contribute?

Following the model of their other successful letters and diaries products, this database will provide a unique and personal view of immigrant experience and settlement in Australia and New Zealand from 1788 to 1851 through immigrants’ own letters, diaries and personal narratives. The first module will represent the first wave of immigration to Australia and New Zealand (colonization and settlement up to 1851).

Depending on how much content  is gathered for this product, a second module of letters and diaries after 1851 to 1922 (the Gold Rush era, when the population of Australia rapidly increased) will be created. Includes diaries, letters and personal narratives from both men and women.

Content in this area is rich and plentiful but is not readily accessible and it is often isolated in individual libraries and archives across the vast expanses of Australia and New Zealand. With 100,000 pages of letters, diaries, and other narratives, covering over 60 years of history, the collection will be a rich resource for scholars in a wide range of disciplines. We welcome content suggestions!

For more information about this collection, or information about a possible contribution partnership, please contact: Julie Stevens ( or Dan Hamid (

 Julie Stevens, Senior Sales Director, Alexander Street Press 3212 Duke Street | Alexandria | VA 22314, Australia.  Office: +61 (7)32027684 Email:


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