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Wedding fever!

April 29, 2011

Many of us will be up late tonight, watching the Royal Wedding.  Imagine if it panned out like this … wouldn’t we all be even more riveted to the screen!   

If royal fever has whetted your appetite, remember that the library has many royal books that can fulfill your craving, including “William and Kate : a Royal love story” by James Clench. 

This book is written by the The Sun’s royal correspondent, and features 150 beautiful photographs.  Reviews of the book have been positive. Synopsis:

“Prince William and Kate Middleton’s fairytale romance is the greatest love story of the century, with a happy ending to come – a Royal wedding that will truly capture the hearts of the British people. Will was the boy who would one day be king; Kate was the middle class girl who had harboured a crush on him since her school days. Both were new students at the University of St Andrews in 2001, facing the same challenges that any new student faces — away from the family nest and striving to find their niche — albeit under the scrutiny and expectation of the watching world.

Competition for Will’s affections was inevitably fierce, with a variety of society beauties deemed suitable for a Prince vying for his hand. But Kate was unperturbed and refused to be intimidated by the social circles he moved in. She would have her prince charming, and a romance began to blossom.

Before long she was firmly ensconced in the Royal fold. Life after University became more difficult for the couple. Kate found the intrusiveness of the paparazzi and the social chasm between their families a great strain, and with Will’s military career becoming his priority it looked like this would be the end of the affair.

But Kate was a fighter — and she fought to keep her prince. The couple’s appearance at Camilla’s 60th birthday bash public confirmation that this would in fact be an affair to remember. Since then their love has grown stronger and stronger, and Will has finally proposed to his ‘adorable Kate’.”



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