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Zombie Apocalyse Plan

June 23, 2011

CDC Poster

Wellington City Council has put together ZAP : a Zombie Apocalypse Plan.  This is based on overseas best practice, based on the American US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention model (CDC Zombie Plan) and that of Leicester City Council in England.

Council spokesman Richad MacLean and CitiOperations manager Mike Mendonca suggested that in addition to the usual emergency disaster supplies, people might like to add cricket bats, golf clubs or CDs – all useful methods for despatching zombies. “Residents should place inert zombies and zombie parts in their rubbish bag – or they can be composted”, they say.

In the event of a zombie infestation, they would initially be herded into a central area like the waterfront or stadium, however if it got too big, then it could be handled nationally through the Civil Defence.

(source: The Dominion Post, 23 June 2011, reporter Dave Burgess)


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