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Father’s Day

August 26, 2011

Sunday 4 September 2011 is Father’s Day … a day when we’re supposed to celebrate the father-figure in our lives.

What do you have planned to wow dad this year?  

To help make you the golden child (no matter your age), here are a few ideas of things you can do to show appreciation to your dad.

Breakfast in bed and/or a sleep-in

Quality time – talking, walking or just being

Get the family together for a meal or party

Take him somewhere special; maybe a favourite haunt from his childhood

If distant, give him a phone call or e-card

Set up a romantic day for him & his partner, and then make yourself scarce

Make him something handmade, like a card, or knit a beanie

Snap a few family photos and give them to him in prints, on CD or do a Powerpoint

Give him a gift – within your price range, so he doesn’t have to bail you out later! – such as :

  • CDs of his favorite songs
  • A phone app or computer game
  • Any form of exercise gadget which he can use
  • Health books or his favorite author if he likes reading
  • Tools that he like and still needs

Or pitch in with those ‘dad jobs’ like a car-washing, lawn mowing or wood chopping.

Take him fishing, golfing or 10-pin bowling

And if you want ideas for card-marking, recipes or patterns, there are plenty of books in the library!


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