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Review: “The flytrap snaps” by Johanna Knox

September 20, 2011

Reviewed by Nikki

Imagine the triffids. Now they were scary plants with a bad attitude. In ‘The Flytrap Snaps’, the first in the series ‘The Fly Papers’ written by Johanna Knox – a Wairarapa author – the plants are, eventually, a lot friendlier.

Spencer Fogle lives with his business and financially challenged parents in Filmington. His best friend Tom has just moved away. The town has changed from a laid back rural outlook to a fast-paced Hollywood-type glamour mecca thanks to prominent film studios setting up base there. Related businesses have also sprung up including the Living Horror Laboratory and BodySlam, Filmington’s biggest stunt wrestling club.

Genetically altered plants are created in the Living Horror Laboratory to star in blockbuster movies. However, the laboratory gets into financial difficulties and the plants are sold in an online auction. Spencer buys a Venus Flytrap and his adventures begin.

 ‘The Flytrap Snaps’ is a fast paced children’s mystery/adventure story that rollicks along. As Fleur Beale says ‘Love the pacing and humour.’   I can’t wait to read the next story in the series.

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