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Dynamite druid

November 7, 2011

“Hexed” by Kevin Hearne (The Iron Druid Chronicles)

ISBN 9780732292911, Voyager 2011.

Atticus runs an arcane bookstore, and physically appears to be mid-20’s, but he is actually two-thousand-years-old. The only druid left, he has survived by constantly drinking his Immortali-tea potion, having a deal with the goddess of death, and trying to keep out of trouble. Unfortunately, trouble just seems to find him!

In this installment, a new coven of witches moves into the area, and decides to kill the resident witches and Atticus. A fallen angel, escaped from hell, is also intent on killing Atticus. And then there’s the Bacchants, his nosy neighbour, and his vampire attorney who won’t help out unless Atticus agrees to a dangerous mission. Phew!

These novels are a fantastic mixture of modern life, mythic legends, magic, paranormal, and adventure. Thanks to Atticus’ wonderful Irish Wolfhound Oberon, there is also a significant element of humour.  I really enjoy these books, and recommend them to all fantasy/paranormal fiction fans.  Find in catalogue

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