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Is Schapelle innocent or not?

December 17, 2011

That is the question many of us have asked in the years since Schapelle Corby famously was convicted in an Indonesian court for importing drugs.

In her 2006 book “My story“, Schapelle convincly protests her innocence and engenders sympathy for her plight.

However, in the recently released book “Sins of the father : the untold story behind Schapelle Corby’s ill-fated drug run” by investigitive journalist Eamonn Duff, she is portrayed as an experienced drug mule working for her father,  knowingly taking the rap for her father’s drug syndicate.

The result of a three-year investigation, Sins of the Father returns to the beginning of Australia’s most famous drug case, and Duff claims, details the missing pieces of the jigsaw as we are led, step by step, through the important weeks, days and hours leading up to her dramatic arrest.

Whether you believe Schapelle herself, or Eamonn Duff, both of these books are fascinating accounts of a case that has divided people since 2004. Read them both and make up your own mind ….

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