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Deadly Dexter

January 12, 2012

“Double Dexter” by Jeff Lindsay

reviewed by Natalie

Dexter, the friendly neighbourhood serial killer, finds that he has lost a certain joy in his ‘extracurricular’ activities – the fear of being found out is extreme now that he is a doting father, and that colours every action.

Then his worst fear is realised when he is discovered in the midst of his latest grisly murder, and the witness gets away. All he has to go on is that it was a man, driving a distinctive old car.  Using his police priveleges, he compiles a list of all possible owners of this car, and systematically goes about assessing them, with a view to silencing this witness.

However, more problems arise when his wife starts to drink heavily in reaction to all Dexter’s absences – not that Dexter understands what’s going on, of course – and then his nemesis contacts him.  It seems that the witness has similar tendencies to Dexter, and has decided to frame Dexter for his own little murder spree.  From there, things only escalate as Dexter’s family are targeted too.

I found it a little predictable and slow-moving in places, but on the whole, a typically enjoyable Dexter novel. A good one for fans of the TV series, and crime fiction.

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