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Fantastic Floods

January 26, 2012

The Floods are a family of Wizards and Witches. The parents, Nerlin and Mordonna, have seven children, some of whom were not created in the traditional way, but were made in the cellar underneath their house, using incredible mystical powers, a set of very shiny ‘Jamie Oliver’ saucepans and a small chemistry set.

The Floods is a series of brilliant, funny, scary novels with black and white illustrations, written for primary school aged children. With a mix of wizardry and wise-cracks, it’s almost as good as having a new Harry Potter novel.

Check out the series on Colin Thompson’s homepage.

 The Addams Family returns, this time as the Floods, an exceptionally strange family of wizards and witches that includes a beautiful mother, Mordonna; a child completely covered in hair; and Betty, the normal-looking one. While essentially goodhearted, the Floods suffer from the worst neighbors ever. The Dents steal cars, fight, and make so much noise the Floods cannot concentrate on their magic. Mrs. Dent even foregoes searching for her lost son to watch her favorite television show, Mega-Extreme Celebrity Really Dumb Fat Ugly Idiot Loser Makeover (a fair example of the book’s broad humor). Systematically, the Floods eliminate each of the Dents in a variety of ways, mostly benign. Footnotes dot the text but do not always appear on the same page as the superscript numbers. The endnotes include a summary of each character and pet. Middle-graders will enjoy the over-the-top humor, gore, and magic and look forward to others in the planned series. Grades 3-6. –Suzanne Harold



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