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Wyrd, so weird…

January 31, 2012

Tales from the Wyrd Museum is a trilogy written for children, by Robin Jarvis.

First published in 1997, it has just been re-released.

These are fantasy books that have been written to scare the pants off you! 

They are great for boys aged 9+, although girls will probably enjoy them too.

The pace of the narrative in all three books is excellent, and you really will not want to put them down. Neil, our hero, is very realistic, and his dialogue, actions and emotions are very believable. There are also many elements of Norse mythology ‘woven’ throughout the story which may encourage readers to carry out further investigation into the ancient tales which these books use as a foundation.

Just one final warning…… if you are easily scared then it is probably best not to read these books just before you go to sleep; elements of books 2 and 3 in the trilogy especially have a habit of creeping into your dreams and turning them into nightmares.

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