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Spunky Irish detective

February 2, 2012

“If I never see you again  is the first novel by Niamh O’Connor, the True Crime editor of an Irish newspaper. It was nominated for an Irish Book Award in the Best Newcomer category in 2010.

The first in a series featuring feisty Detective Inspector Jo Birmingham, the plot follows a week in her life as she races to identify a vicious serial killer. As the bodies pile up, and with several of her colleagues implicated, she doesn’t know who to trust. To complicate matters, her ex-husband is her boss, his new pregnant partner is his secretary, and she is now a single mother to a teenage boy and a toddler.

Jo is a likeable character; an interesting mix of streetsmarts, toughness and vulnerability. In my opinion, the plotline was a little thin in places because Jo’s  knowledge of the killers motivation resulted from intuitive leaps rather than following actual evidence.  And as I don’t like my books overcrowded with characters, I felt there was too much detail about the peripheral characters.

But if you don’t mind a spot of skim-reading here and there, I’m sure you’ll consider this a good crime fiction novel. There were certainly several twists, and an unexpected ending. I didn’t lose interest. Quite similar to the style of Martina Cole.  6/10.

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