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Did Hitler survive?

February 20, 2012

‘Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler’ by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams

Reviewed by Keith Smith

 Grey Wolf is an absorbing work of non-fiction that attempts to trace events in Berlin in April 1945, but first takes the reader on a revealing journey through the rise of Nazi power.

 It’s no lie that history is written by the victor. The common perception of WW2 is black and white: Allies Good, Axis Bad – but Grey Ghost opens by giving the reader some idea of the extent of Western business collusion in the rise of the Third Reich.

 The first part of the book is a rich list of war-profiteering Western companies, and details the methods used to finance the Nazis. 

This process has been well documented for many years, but is largely ignored. Grey Ghost sheds light on this difficult subject, and on the systematic Nazi looting of the riches of Europe.

 But the nub of Grey Ghost is Hitler’s alleged escape from Berlin in 1945, and his subsequent life in Patagonia. The book details the planning and execution of the operation in some detail. The authors claim Hitler and his wife Eva (nee Braun)produced two daughters, and the book contains a disturbing illustration of a beaming Hitler, one of the most evil men in modern history, dandling on his knee a sweet little girl, supposedly his daughter Ursula.

 Dunstan and Williams present convincing theories on the fate of many of Hitler’s underlings, including his right-hand man, the puppetmaster Martin Bormann, who disappeared without trace in 1945. According to the authors, Bormann masterminded his Fuhrer’s escape to Argentina, where Hitler died following a stroke at the age of 72, on February 13 1962, “…tormented, demented and betrayed,” haunted by the ghosts of the Holocaust.

 The authors make a good case; the book is obviously very well researched. I’m extremely suspicious of conspiracies, but this is a scholarly and convincing piece of work, and I found it an intriguing read. Whether it’s true or not…you decide!


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