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Chilling killer thriller

February 25, 2012

‘The echo man’ by Richard Montanari

Reviewed by Natalie

Now this is a thriller!   The pace of the story is relentless, smoothly connecting all the evidence until it builds to a satisfying crescendo of an ending. Never would I have guessed the identity of the killer.

Detectives Jessica Balzano and Kevin Byrne investigate a series of vicious murders.  Each event involves multiple murders – the body of an unconvicted suspect is placed at the scene of their alleged crime, and the body of their supposed accomplice is placed at the grave of the victim.  Not only that, but each body is staged in a very symbolic and ritualistic way – important to the killer, but no one can understand how.

As the body count quickly rises, they realize that somehow each pair of deaths is connected in more ways than one. They all seem to relate to a case that Byrne worked on, many years ago.

As Detective Byrne begins investigating further in his own time,  he worries that the blackouts he’s been suffering could indicate something sinister.  Not to mention the visions…

With excerpts of the characters home life and personal demons,  this results in a very well rounded, well written, and gripping crime novel. It is the fifth adventure of Byrne and Balzano, but it functions beautifully as a stand-alone novel. Highly recommended to all fans of crime or suspense fiction.  9/10

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