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NZ author Jenny Pattrick opens Denniston trail

March 22, 2012

Jenny Pattrick’s historical novels inspire new Denniston walking trail By Rachel O’Neill

On the last day of NZ Book Month (31 March) Jenny Pattrick will launch a self-guided walking trail on the South Island’s West Coast that links in with key events and locations from her novels The Denniston Rose and Heart of Coal.

Readers and trail walkers will learn about the local landscape and its history through the lens of the Denniston novels, opening up what you might expect from an experience that roves on and off the page.   Further Denniston trail launch information.

Pattrick became very familiar with the historical coal mining area of Denniston when she was researching and writing the novels, which are set in the 1880s. Coal is an integral part of the fabric of historical Denniston, and Pattrick says connecting the novels to geographical sites was aided by her earlier research.  Jenny hopes the trail will ‘‘give those who have read the books an added historical dimension – an understanding of the isolation and harshness of the nineteenth century life.’


 “The Denniston Rose” and the sequel “Heart of Coal” are set in the time period when the Denniston incline was lauded as the 8th Wonder of the World. They are not only a great story, but full of very interesting historical facts and a moving plot-line based around a young heroine.

If you’ve never read them, now’s the time! 

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