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Walking Dead fan? Sadie Walker is your kind of woman!

March 31, 2012

“Sadie Walker is stranded” by Madeleine Roux

Reviewed by Natalie

Following on from her phenomenal first novel ‘Allison Hewitt is trapped’, the author continues the tale of the world in which a viral disease has turned most of the world population into zombies. (If you haven’t read ‘Allison Hewitt is trapped’ yet, don’t worry. This novel does makes sense on it’s own, and will not diminish your experience of the first novel.   Or you can visit Allisons’ blog for a preview.)

In Seattle, with the harbour at the rear, and a fortified wall at the front, hundreds of survivors have successfully managed to keep the zombie horde at bay. It’s been several months since The Outbreak,  and Sadie and her young nephew Shane, have been coping with the rationing, the feral humans, and the Repopulationists – a religious cult intent on rebuilding the human race as fast as possible. It’s a dangerous world.

But this is not the time for a baby boom – and as the Repops flee the city in the face of increasing hostility, they let the zombies in, and Seattle becomes a zombie buffet.  Sadie and Shane escape on a sailboat with a few others, but when the Captain is killed, they are shipwrecked on an unknown island.

The group is desperate – out of food, surrounded by zombies – when they are saved by a bunch of reformed Repops who have set up camp on the other side of the island. The camps merge together but shortly afterward, the island zombies start picking them off one by one, in mysterious circumstances. Initially suspecting each other, they eventually realise that there is something or someone else organizing and controlling the zombies. Something intent on killing them all.

Whenever Sadie has a problem, she thinks to herself ‘what would Alison do?”.  Not that she needs much help – she is full of spunk, and develops into quite the survivalist by the end of the story. Personally, I found this zombie apocalypse novel less gripping than the first one, but still full of action and adventure, humour, romance, intrigue and evil.  An enjoyable romp in zombie land.

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