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Bookworm panic!!

April 1, 2012

The Dannevirke branch of Tararua District Library has been forced to take desperate measures.

Last week, librarians were dismayed to discover the presence of the very rare bookworm, Literatus Punctatum.  Specialist exterminator, Larsdo Flipoay, from the Ministry of Literature, a MAF division, has been employed to take care of the problem.

While the library is closed today, 1 April, Larsdo will be erecting a gigantic tent over the library building, before releasing a special inert gas within the library, fatal only to bookworms. 

“There may be a bookworm corpse within pages here and there, but on the whole, vacumning the library afterward should remove all of the evidence”, said Mr Flipoay.

Tararua residents are asked to be alert for any signs of escaping bookworms in the vicinity.  “If you see one,” says Larsdo Flipoay, “squash it immediately!  They are crafty little creatures, and may travel within a book to infest other libraries or homes.  We can’t risk the infestation spreading, so please don’t be foolish and try to keep one for a pet.”


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