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Get your kids reading!

May 29, 2012

Sometimes it’s hard for parents or teachers to get children into reading.  Often, the key is for the reluctant reader to find that special book that really interests them, and introduces them to the joy of reading. So it becomes a pleasure, not a chore…

A really good website is Reading Rewards  which allows children to track their reading and ‘purchase’ rewards that their parents have set up on the site.   It also offers children reading suggestions, and has tools for teachers too.   There are plenty of books to help.  Some are:

The library also has Talking Books (audio books read aloud on CD or cassette) for adults or children. Great for car trips or bedtime!

Another great way to entice reluctant readers is public library children’s reading programmesWINTER WARMERS is a programme for primary school children, designed to encouarge reading by offering stickers and incentives for completed reading. Your local librarian can tell you all about it, or email Senior Librarian    Registrations are now open to Tararua residents.


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