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You don’t have to say you love me…

May 31, 2012

“You don’t have to say you love me” by Sarra Manning

Reviewed by Natalie

Yes, I know, it’s  so-called chick lit – but a girl’s gotta have some fun!  And there’s lots of humor in this roller-coaster ride of romance and sexual escapades, and a few poignant moments too. For fans of romantic comedy, chick lit, or light love stories, this novel will score highly. 

Neve is a twenty-five-year old archivist, who is rather repressed, having spent her entire life extremely  obese.  She’s spent the last three years devoted to a strict diet and exercise regime, and has whittled herself away from size 32 to size 14.  Now, it’s almost time to reveal her new self to William, the man she’s been in love with since university, when he returns from his overseas job, with an important question for Neve.

So, Neve decides to embark on a practise relationship, and persuades notorious womanizer Max to be her ‘fake boyfriend’. He is commitment phobic; she just wants a short-term, no sex, first boyfriend to work all the kinks out before falling into relationship bliss with William.

Predictably, by the time William appears in the picture, Neve has fallen for Max and vice versa, and of course, William doesn’t quite live up to Neve’s memories of him.  But she’s already kicked Max to the kerb… and he hasn’t taken it well.

Despite being able to guess the plot easily, this was still a really enjoyable read. Sarra injects her characters with life, the dialogue is realistic, and there was still the odd little twist here and there that kept the story flowing right til the satisfying end.


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