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Harris rocks!

June 6, 2012

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

reviewed by Natalie

Sookie Stackhouse is in a world of trouble this time!  Somehow, word has got out that she has a ‘cluviel dor’ – a fae artifact that confers one wish. So fairies, vampires, weres and humans are all after it – and her!

Not to mention that :

  • her vampire boyfriend Eric is being framed for murder, by persons unknown
  • vampire queen Freyda has come to town to convince Eric to honour his maker’s betrothal
  • vampire king Felipe is in town looking for Viktor, and planning repercussions on Eric
  • Tara is expecting twins any minute
  • Claude, her fairy cousin, has been taken back to Faery by Niall and the remaining Fae are becoming uncontrollable
  • Sam’s Were girlfriend has it in for Sookie

and that’s not all!   Just as well Sookie is a Southern heroine blessed with telepathy, spunk and smarts huh.

This being the 12th in the Southern Vampire [True Blood] series, my only complaint is that there are almost too many characters to keep track of, and the author obviously thought this was a factor too, as she did keep dropping in sentences explaining who each character was (which was very useful, but did slow the narrative a little).

That said, Charlaine had me devouring this novel until the wee small hours of the night, and as usual, it was enjoyable, sexy, scary, exciting and dramatic, with many plot twists. Sookie revealed more emotional frailty than previous novels, I thought, and that made the ‘otherness’ of the non-human characters even more pronounced.  Fans of the paranormal genre will no doubt enjoy this as much as I did.


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