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Fancy a movie?

July 6, 2012

Did you know that Tararua District Library has over 900 DVDs? 

Yep, more than 250 children’s movies (rated G & PG), and more than 700 DVDs rated M, or R.

The easiest way to see what we’ve got is to :

  • click on the Search Library Catalogue link to the right of this screen
  • then on the left hand side of the screen, click on Reading Lists
  • click on either RL:DVDs or RL:DVDs for children

From here you can see if they are in, or you can reserve them too (which costs $1 over and above the usual $3.50 for 7 nights).

One of our newest purchases is “The Artist“, which won several Academy Awards  including Best Picture.   The whole movie is in black & white, and is silent, but even so, it’s brilliant. 1920s movie star George Valentin is at the top of his game, a silent screen acting star, but then the ‘talkies’ arrive. His protege, Peppy, soon becomes the toast of the town, but George is on the scrapheap. Peppy holds a flame for George, and keeps watch from afar, trying to help him as he gradually loses everything, to the point he almost dies.  ‘Pride cometh before a fall’ they say, and this certainly holds true for George. But it does have a happy ending.  The lack of sound actually heightens the emotional intensity of the acting, and it really got under my skin.  Highly recommended.


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