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Quakes made you shaky?

July 11, 2012

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake off the West Coast of NZ on 4 July, plus the 5.7 near Turangi on 7 July, have rattled a lot of people.  Not only bringing back traumatic memories for Christchurch survivors, they have reminded the rest of us that another damaging quake could occur any time, anywhere.

If you are experiencing anxiety for this or other reasons, you can get help through your local GP. In the meantime, this is a sample of books we have in our collection that may also assist:

  • Embracing uncertainty : achieving peace of mind as we face the unknown  / by Susan Jeffers
  • Beating stress, anxiety & depression : groundbreaking ways to help you feel better /  by Jane A Plant
  • Helping children cope with anxiety  / by Jill Eckersley
  • Complete self help for your nerves  / by Claire Weekes
  • Fighting invisible tigers : stress management for teens / by Earl Hipp
  • Control stress : stop worrying and feel good / by Paul McKenna
  • Stressbusting book of yoga, massage & aromatherapy : a step-by-step guide to improving your well-being, with expert advice and 900 stunning photographs / Carole McGilvery

The following websites may also offer useful information:

The low down


The Phobic Trust 

Health navigator

Kiwi families

Beacon (online programmes)


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