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Harry Potter joins the Fuzz?

July 13, 2012

“Midnight Riot” by Ben Aaronovitch

According to Diana Gabaldon, this trilogy about Detective Constable Peter Grant is “what would happen if Harry Potter grew up and joined the police. It’s a hilarious, keenly imagined caper”.  The second novel is ‘Moon over Soho’, and the third is the just released ‘Whisper’s underground’.

The first book, Midnight Riot, introduces us to Constable Grant, awaiting his first DC assignment, and hoping for the Murder Squad. However, when he meets a ghost who wants to give a witness statement, he comes to the attention of Detective  Chief Inspector Thomas Nightingale, the last Wizard on the force.  Peter’s pyschic ability sees him drafted as his official Apprentice.

Nightingale introduces Peter to a world where gods and goddesses, and other mythical creatures, mingle with mortals, and a long-dead evil is making a comeback. Punchinella is inhabiting people’s bodies and making them act out scenes in his play, but when he leaves that body, the person dies horribly. When one of Peter’s colleagues is possessed, it’s a race against time to see if she can be saved before the end of the ‘play’.

There’s a hint of Terry Pratchett and a dollop of Charlaine Harris about them, but Aaronovitch has managed to create novels that are very original and fresh, delightfully quirky, and with a plotline that is basically an ‘urban fantasy mystery’.  If you’re bored with the same old storylines, you can rely on this series to blow out the cobwebs!


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