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This way of life

October 5, 2012

The wonderful New Zealand documentary ‘This way of life’ now has an accompanying book.

” Shot over four years, This Way of Life is an intimate portrait of Peter Karena and his family. Masterful in the saddle and Hollywood handsome, Peter lives by an internal code of values and honor largely lost in modern times. Though European, Peter was adopted into a Maori family and is Maori in all but skin. He is a horse-whisperer, philosopher, hunter, and builder, a husband and father.”

The book updates what has happened with the family in the few years since the film was made, plus reviews what was in the documentary.   I cannot praise this film highly enough – if you haven’t yet seen it, ask at your local video store.  It’s too good to be missed. Highly recommended to all New Zealanders.

– Natalie


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