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What happens when the beef bites back?

October 10, 2012

Apocalypse Cow – by Michael Logan

Joint winner of the Terry Pratchett Prize.

Yeah, I know. ‘Not another zombie novel’.  But hey – you’ve gotta love a cow getting revenge for all those steaks!  And it’s funny. What’s not to love?

The story is set in England, where a secret Government lab has been experimenting with biological warfare, attempting to create a weapon that will target an enemies food supply. Unfortunately the virus escapes and infects the cows at a nearby freezing works, where they proceed to attack and eat all the employees except one.  The authorities think they’ve destroyed all the animals,  but one cow escapes and goes on to infect all other animals – all it takes is a sneeze – except birds.

Young Geldof, a reluctant vegetarian, holes up with his family and others in their self-sufficient home while all over the country, people are being attacked by their farm stock, pets, wildlife and rodents. When a desperate journalist and the surviving slaughterhouse worker end up taking refuge in their house too, it’s not long before the group are forced to take their chances and flee, with government agents hot on their tail, determined to retrieve the hard evidence the journalist has acquired.

What follows is a harrowing thrill ride through the country, being chased by agents, animals and soldiers at every turn. They finally make it to the Chunnel, to try to escape to France, but it’s blocked off and they’re trapped inside. Is there any way out?

To find out, you’ll have to read it. I hope you find it as amusing as I did.

– Natalie


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