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Assassinations that shook the world!

November 23, 2012

Assassinated! : assassinations that shook the world : from Julius Caesar to JFK  

by Steven Parissien (Quercus, 2008)

There are moments when people and groups impose their beliefs and ideals of the world by use of force and violence.

The author has gathered a collection of these moments in a well-researched book. It deals with the period between the assassination of Julius Caesar to Banazir Bhutto; from famous assassinations like those of JFK and Martin Luther King to the unknowns like Spencer Perceval (the only British Prime Minister ever to be assassinated), Medgar Evers (African American civil rights worker); and from the brutal slash and hack of most of these early assassinations to the recent scientific killings of Georgi Markov and Alexander Litvinenko.

The author illustrates the effect of the killing, rather than the just detailing the victim’s death. He posits “What if” scenarios, and makes the reader think on many levels.  That said, it’s a very interesting book that one does not have to struggle to read.

      By Darren


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