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The wheel goes round…and round…and round…

November 26, 2012

 The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan (and Brandon Sanderson)

As an avid non-fiction reader, I had a “moment” when I thought I’d try a novel. The fantasy fiction novel “The eye of the world” by Robert Jordan caught my eye. It’s the story of a group of friends and strangers brought together to save their world from impending doom, all very “Tolkien like”.

Yet while J.R.R. Tolkien took about 17 years, on and off,  to write his epic three-volume ‘The Lord of the rings’, the Wheel of Time series to date has taken 12 large volumes, 23 years and two authors (Robert Jordan died in 2007, and authorship was taken over by Brandon Sanderson). That is why I think this series suffered. It just got TOO BIG – it was almost as if nobody knew how to end it.

At first I was like an addict waiting for his next fix, but after 8 volumes I was that kid at the back of the car complaining  “are we there yet?” and by 10 volumes I was channelling a rebellious teenager with “you can’t make me do this”!

Before I end this, I must mention that when I started reading this series there was quite a large group of people waiting for the next volume, and they might still be enjoying this series so to you “Well done”. This is just my opinion and, as a male, while the opinion may be right, I am probably just wrong anyway…

By Darren Russell

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