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Stanislaw who?

January 7, 2013

“Seeds in the storm” by Stanislaw Dabrowski (2011)

reviewed by Darren Russell

This book was a quick read to fill in some time between “heavier” reading, and was quite a lucky find.

Stanislaw Dabrowski

Stanislaw Dabrowski

When it comes to biographies, the more famous the subject, the less likely I am to enjoy it. I’m sure the new Ritchie McCaw book will be good, but I feel that I already know all I need to know about him. 

But who was Stanislaw Debrowski?  He was a man you might have met in the street, he was also a man who faced adversity (held prisoner and tortured by the Russians after their invasion of Poland) and tragedy when his Polish Army officer father was murdered during the Katyn Massacre. He was a war hero, immigrant, manual labourer and a man who was instrumental in bringing the TAB to New Zealand. Who knew!

 Like the stories of many other ordinary people, it’s worth the read…..enjoy!


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