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Mum, I’m bored….

January 10, 2013

Do you remember how, as a kid, the summer holidays seemed endless. There’s a lot of fun to be had initially,  but after a while, the tedium sets in.  “I’m bored” is the endless refrain.  Fortunately, the library contains screeds of information about things to do, or make.

I'm SO boredHave you got a budding cook?  Gardener? Carpenter? Sportsman?  Story books, comics, DVDs, jig-saws, internet/wi-fi are available also. Whatever your kids are interested in, bring them along to your local library, and help them find something inspiring (or ask a librarian) – there’s bound to be something to take their fancy!

Even if you cannot go ‘away’ on holiday, let your children’s imaginations roam; the library holds worlds within a world. Don’t forget, there are events on at your local library too.


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