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Temeraire : His Majesty’s dragon / Naomi Novik

February 8, 2013

temHaving loved this book when I read it in 2007 , I was very pleased to learn that director Peter Jackson acquired the option on this novel.

Temeraire is the first of a very original part historical, part fantasy series. Set in England during the Napoleonic wars, the main character is naval Captain William Laurence.  During a skirmish, he captures a dragon egg from the French, which hatches into a rare chinese dragon; the dragon imprints on Laurence and they soon form an unbreakable bond, causing Laurence to abandon the navy for the Royal Aerial Corps, where he becomes Captain of the heavyweight dragon now named Temeraire and his crew.

The subsequent novels in the series follow the adventures of Laurence and Temeraire as they do battle with the forces of Napoleon Bonaparte throughout the world, deal with the diplomatic fallout caused by Captain Laurence’s adoption by the Chinese Emperor, and other adventures such as a dragon plague, banishment to the penal colony of Australia, and their subsequent reprieve only to be marooned on a desert island.

The relationship Novik portrays between the man and the dragon is very touching, and the merge between historical fact, alternative history and fantastical talking dragons is engaging, believable and interesting. Originally a trilogy, there are now six books with more to come. If anybody can translate these wonderful books into big screen success, it will surely be Jackson. I can’t wait!

– Natalie

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