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Mad cow disease may end humanity! Read all about it!

February 18, 2013

“12-21” by Dustin Thomason (Michael Joseph, 2012)

by Natalie

Although based on the impending end-of-Mayan-calendar end-of-world scenario that was looming in December 2012 (which obviously didn’t happen, unless our date calculations are all wrong of course) this fiction novel will hold it’s own despite being past it’s due date. It’s a rip-roaring adventure based around a Mayan museum curator and a research doctor.

mayaThe doctor is a world expert on Prion disease (such as mad cow disease). When he is contacted by a doctor at a US hospital, reporting a variant form of the disease (a form that causes terminal insomnia – who knew humans can only live for a short while without sleep!), at first the case seems merely medically interesting. However, the situation rapidly deteriorates when he finds this form is easily communicable, and the source or conduit is not beef. Soon there are thousands infected, and the human population of the world is under threat.

Meanwhile, the Mayan curator has been given a rare Mayan Codex, recently discovered in the jungles of Colombia.  The doctor traces patient zero to the blackmarketer who gave her this item, and so the race is on to decipher the codex as it seems to describe a similar situation occurring thousands of years ago. What was the result back then? Did the Mayans find a cure?

Hampered by government beuracracy who don’t understand the severity of the disease, and by fundamentalist 2012-ers who are determined to steal the Codex which also contains new information about the end times, these two face tough times as they race to save humanity.

If you like Clive Cussler, Andy McNab, or even Dan Brown, you will probably enjoy this story as much as I did.  And learn some very interesting facts along the way.   7.5/10


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