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Homegrown revolution

March 6, 2013

“James Wong’s homegrown revolution : grow your own amazing edibles
from saffron to sweet potatoes in any back garden” / James Wong (2012)

Reviewed by Janice

James Wong

James Wong

Following on from James Wong’s interesting TV programme and book “Grow your own Drugs”, is “Homegrown Revolution”. Inspiring , fun and full of plant know-how.

It was interesting to learn that the Goji berry my son gave me one Christmas likes poor soil, almost no feeding or water, and actually is rather an invasive weed throughout much of the United Kingdom. I now also know that if it ever has any berries they are more suited to savoury dishes than sweet.

When you have been told as a child not to eat the bright berries you see on plants as they might be poisonous (they very well could be too), it was surprising to discover that the plump berries that you get on your fuchsias , if you haven’t dead-headed them, are also edible, although apparently some are much nicer than others. I don’t think I’ll be cutting my new hosta leaves or digging my dahlia bulbs to cook up for tea, but it was interesting to learn that I could.

As it is written for the Northern Hemisphere, that has to be taken into account when it comes to planting and harvesting times. A great coffee table book with plenty of clear illustrations.


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