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What if the face on the milk carton is yours?

March 13, 2013

The Face on the Milk Carton / Caroline B. Cooney.

Reviewed by Nikki

The face on the milk carton

The face on the milk carton

In the United States, there is a nationwide Missing Children Milk Carton Programme featuring the photographs of children who have disappeared without explanation.

Imagine you are one of those children but weren’t aware of it. You see a photo on a milk carton which you recognise as yourself as a three year old – not your face as such, but the unique dress you are wearing. This photo triggers all sorts of suppressed, blurred but very significant memories. Combine this with the fact you are a fifteen year old girl dealing with typical teenage issues. Imagine the denial, the anguish, the “What if…”. You love your ‘parents’ dearly – they are loving, genuine and caring. How? Why?
This is a fabulous read and very difficult to put down. I highly recommend this for both young adults and adults alike. It is the first in the ‘Janie Johnson’ series of five books– I am currently reading the second.

Further information on author How this book, first published in 1990, became a series due to fan pressure!


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