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Behind the brush : Gottfried Lindauer

March 19, 2013
Princess Ngahui Rangita Kaiwaho of Wairarapa

Princess Ngahui Rangita Kaiwaho of Wairarapa

There is a new seven-part TV series “Behind the brush” featuring  Woodville resident and famous artist, Gottfried Lindauer, starting tonight – Tuesday 19 March at 8pm on Maori TV.

Gottfried Lindauer was born in Bohemia (Czech Republic) in 1839. A professionally trained artist, he left Austria for New Zealand in 1874. He travelled extensively round New Zealand, and lived in a variety of locations and finally, from 1889, in Woodville, Tararua, until his death at age 87 in 1926.

He was known to the famous New Zealand artist Charles F. Goldie (1870 – 1947) who also produced lifelike Maori portraits from 1901.

You can experience the Lindauer replica studio in Woodville (next to the iSite), and also visit his grave in the old Woodville cemetary.

Over many decades, Henry Partridge (1848-1931),  commissioned from Lindauer numerous portraits of eminent Māori,  as well depictions of traditional Māori life and customs. These Maori portraits make up the Partridge Collection, which are in Auckland Art Gallery. He was also commissioned directly by many Maori chiefs.

Their stories, and the artists, are the focus of this sure-to-be interesting series.

To find out more, read “Maori paintings : pictures from the Partridge Collection of Paintings” 759.9931.  Also of interest may be the novel “Rangatira” by Paula Morris.

– by Natalie


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