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Stalking Crais …

March 26, 2013

‘Suspect’ by Robert Crais is a fast paced book; I read it in a day and I was really sad to see it finish. It’s a great book, well written and punchy, nothing less than I would expect from this author.


A real redemption story as well. Two broken characters who find a new life together. Even if you don’t like dogs read this book, you will change your mind! I certainly did.

I love the  story from canine Maggie’s point of view, and really hope she and Scott have another story to tell – soon. I am now stalking, I mean following, Mr Crais on Facebook to try to get him to come to New Zealand. He is a great author with really strong attractive characters. Until I read ‘Suspect’, I was a die hard Elvis and Joe fan, probably more Joe to be honest but after this I’m team Maggie. We are pack.

By Corinna

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  1. ngaire21 permalink

    Brilliant review: great concluding words. So apt.


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