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Library portal must be closed!

March 31, 2013

As you may recall, last year around this time, the Dannevirke Library had to close for fumigation because of a serious bookworm infestation. Fortunately, this year we’ve avoided that problem due to the extra long hot summer, however another issue has arisen instead.

Mysterious damp patches have appeared on the carpet in a few places – on further investigation, the liquid appears to be salt water, and is not coming from the ceiling or seeping up from underground.  Strangely, this is only happening overnight in the aisle where the Terry Pratchett books are shelved.  Pyschic consultants feel that the concentrated force of Terry’s imagination, compounded by the belief of his fans, may be causing a small wormhole to appear – possibly linked to the Discworld ocean.  An intrepid librarian is going to stay overnight in the library tonight, watching for the appearance of this portal at which time she will attempt to pass through.  If this is successful, she should be able to communicate with us via the next Pratchett volume, and will also be able to seal the portal on the other side with the assistance of the Unseen University.

“It’s a sacrifice, I know” she says, “but I’ve always wanted to visit Discworld, and if I’m trapped inside another world, I can’t think of a better place to spend the rest of my life.  Saving the library – and Earth – from this breach is worth it”.

If you would like to pass on any messages of support to our librarian before this epic journey commences at approximately 12.01am tonight, please do comment.   If the Library is not open on Monday 1 April, you will know that the experiment failed and the wormhole has expanded to the point that it would be too dangerous to open to the public.     – Reported by Natalie

Discworld as captured by the Hubble telescope

Discworld as captured by the Hubble telescope

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  1. Woohoo, Nat! Good luck to the intrepid explorer librarian! I shall be watching with interest.


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