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Review: Broken man

April 2, 2013

“Broken man” by Jospehine Cox (2013)

Reviewed by Dolly

This is the first book I have read by this author. I randomly picked it up one day, read the first chapter and was hooked. I wanted to know who the broken man was and became so wrapped up in the story about this young boy, I almost forgot about the broken man.

Josephine Cox

The story revolves around Adam, a young boy, whose only friend is the mother he adores. One day his school bus driver, Phil, who is concerned about the child, offers to accompany him down the long driveway to the boy’s home, on the pretext of needing some exercise. Chatting together as they walk, Phil indeed acquires some insight to Adam’s life. Upon reaching sight of the house, Adam’s father appears and Phil departs back to the bus. A tragedy has occurred and Adam needs Phil’s assistance. From here the story evolves for this lost and lonely child.The friendship, trust and continuing support this old man gives to this child is endearing. The tension and atmosphere projected by the writing at times could make you cry, and yes, I did find out who the broken man was, and so will you when you read this.


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