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Review: a moment like this

April 15, 2013

If you enjoy watching competitions like X Factor, Idol, or other talent shows, you will probably enjoy “A moment like this” by Anita Notaro (2012).

Obviously extrapolated from real-life stories such as that of Susan Boyle, this is the tale of Antonia Trent, a self-confessed mouse, who has spent the last five years looking after her invalid mother. Her only passion is singing in the village church choir, where she is celebrated for her angelic voice.

When her mother dies, Antonia is adrift until someone enters her in That’s Talent (think Irish X factor). Sailing past the auditions, she is soon thrust into the media spotlight as a singing sensation.

She has also snared her first boyfriend, but finding time to fit in romance has become difficult.  Things are further complicated when another high-profile contestant endeavours to portray himself as her boyfriend in the media, and a supposed friend reveals private information to the press and is text-bullying her.

Will Antonia win?  Will she be able to balance her career and life? Will her boyfriend stick around? How will she deal with the bully?

I found this light novel a little predictable but still interesting and entertaining, and looked forward to reading more by this author. Sadly however it seems that Anita has been stricken down with an issue to her frontal lobe that has ruined her ability to write.  My sympathies to her family, but at least we can enjoy the six novels already produced. These and her other works, provide a fitting legacy to one of Ireland’s top talents.

by Natalie


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